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Burst Pipes and Leaks

The most important thing is that you do not leave the problem alone. If you simply put some towels around the area and hope for the best until morning, you are going to end up with far more problems once the leak is resolved.

Fault Finding

The golden rule that I have followed through years of fault finding is ‘never assume and never jump to conclusions. OK that is two golden rules, but the basic message is never say you know something until you prove it.

Water Hammer

Water hammer occurs when a pipe flexes to absorb the force of stopping water, usually due to a sudden change in pressure the sound comes from the shockwave created by the force of the vibrating wave sent off by the water.

All Pipework

An established plumber can help you choose the right pipe materials for your property and budget. Choosing the correct pipe could save you money and reduce long-term costs.


When it comes to a plumbing system, the right type of equipment makes a significant difference. For instance, if you install the wrong plumbing pump, the results may be devastating and costly.

Plumbing Valves

There are different valves used in plumbing applications so you might want to understand when and where to use it. Valves are used to control and regulate the flow of water.

Overflow Systems

The Waste and Overflow is an important part of your bathroom. It is a fixture that has both a stoppable drain and an “overflow” part that allows water to drain away before it overflows at the top rim.

Toilet and Stack Systems

Everyone knows that every toilet, bathtub, sink, shower, etc. will have a drain to carry the water away to sewage treatment, or your septic. But not everyone knows that they ALL also need to be vented.

Bathroom Renovations

Fear not, we have pulled together the best expert tips for renovating a bathroom, to make sure your remodel is a success.

Emergency Plumbers

Whether you are looking to service your boiler, replace your boiler or move from ‘oil to gas’ it is essential to find the right heating engineer to undertake any work. A professional heating engineer will provide you with all the information and advice you need to consider your options. They will supply quotes and provide peace of mind that all work is carried out to proper standards.

It is essential you use a Gas Safe registered engineer to install, service or check gas appliances including boilers. To carry out work on gas installations and appliances safely and legally, gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

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